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Like a romantic spring in bloom, our Mayflower Earrings will adorn your ears with grace and wild beauty. Gorgeous vines of florals and foliage swoop into a soft teardrop shape, wrapped with budding organic fresh water pearls. To finish, a choice of petite pearl studs or option of hook style earwires with .925 sterling posts (perfect for sensitive ears!), and a droplet pearl hang for perfect ethereal earring for our future brides-to-be.

Item #E014 (G/S)
Wholesale $74.50 | $149 MSRP*
*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Mayflower Earrings #E014 (G/S)

  • Fresh water pearls are a lovely natural material that is made from mollusks that reside in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Organically shaped due to the nature of the fresh water environment - these gorgeous cultured pearls are highly sought after due to their romantically beautiful free form shape and one-of-a-kind value.

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