Meet LIONA, the sweetest little three petal stud drop south sea shell pearl earrings, engraved with beautiful detail to adorn your ears. Each little flower is carved and caste in bronze - then gilded with 18k gold. And for all my sensitive ladies, the Liona Studs have .925 Sterling Silver Ear Posts for comfortable wearability. To add the sweetest touch of sparkle a single diamond simulant is added to this delicate beauty.

Item #E005 (G/S)
Wholesale $60 | $120 SRP

Liona Earrings #E005 (G/S)

  • South Sea Shell Pearls are created from all the same elements as pearls, but are exceedingly durable and stronger. They are made from beautiful Mother of Pearl, which is found on the inside of an Oyster Shell. Once formed, they are then naturally coated in genuine Pearl Nacre.

    In addition, South Sea Shell Pearls are closely monitered by the industry’s strict quality standards to ensure that they will not lose color, shine, and will not be affected by perfume or sweat. 

  • These beautiful sparkling stones are created under careful conditions in a lab to mimic the look, feel, and shine of a mined diamond - without the ethical cost. Lab diamond simulants are created in an environmentally friendly process, and offers a more affordable price point without diminishing the luxurious quality of the material. Our diamond simulants are made to be internally flawless, durable, and to last a lifetime of wear.