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Whimsically romantic, this darling light as air hoop design features buds of luxurious south sea shell pearls - blossoming across a bronze caste vine dipped in 14k gold. The perfect pair of earrings for a garden loving bride. And for those with delicate ears, each post is solid .925 Sterling Silver, making them perfect for those with sensitivity.


Approx. L 1" x 1/4" W (30mm in Diameter)

Item #E011 (G/S)
Wholesale $57.50 | $115 MSRP*
*ManufacturerSuggested Retail Price

Laurel Branch Hoops #E011 (G/S)

  • South Sea Shell Pearls are created from all the same elements as pearls, but are exceedingly durable and stronger. They are made from beautiful Mother of Pearl, which is found on the inside of an Oyster Shell. Once formed, they are then naturally coated in genuine Pearl Nacre.

    In addition, South Sea Shell Pearls are closely monitered by the industry’s strict quality standards to ensure that they will not lose color, shine, and will not be affected by perfume or sweat. 

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