A free spirit filled with a dancing summer song; our Juliette hairpiece is the epitome of lighthearted romance. A golden gilded vine is adorned by budding swarovski glass pearls, and a dusting of delicate golden florals. Reminiscent of wildflower daisy chains, our version takes this inspiration and turns it into a hand crafted heirloom for you to cherish.

Length  options 9 inches or 12 inches


This hairvine is made with small loops at each end that can be invisibility tucked into your hair with bobbypins. Optional comb add-on (photographed) is available if preferred.

Light and airy, this flexible hairvine would be perfect for various bridal hairstyles - can be work headband style, straight across the top of the hair, side sweeping formed into an aysemetrical design, or across the back along long loose waves.


Item #H007 | Wholesale $89.50 | $179 Suggested Retail Price

Juliette Floral Hairvine #H007