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Ethereal beauty; this whimsical handcrafted design features genuine fresh water pearls and hand carved golden dipped leaves. Each leaf carved in wax and caste in bronze - then gilded with 18k gold. A versatile statement piece, the handtwisted leaf vine can be easily removed and the budding floral stud with diamond simulants can be worn separately for a pop of delicate allure. And for all my sensitive ladies, the studs have .925 Sterling Silver Ear Posts for comfortable wearability.


Item #E012 
W holesale $89.50 | $179 MSRP*
*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Flourish Earring Set #E012

  • Fresh Water Pearls are made from mollusks that reside in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Organically shaped due to the nature of the fresh water environment - these gorgeous cultured pearls are highly sought after due to their romantically beautiful free form shape and one-of-a-kind value.

  • These beautiful sparkling stones are created under careful conditions in a lab to mimic the look, feel, and shine of a mined diamond - without the ethical cost. Lab diamond simulants are created in an environmentally friendly process, and offers a more affordable price point without diminishing the luxurious quality of the material. Our diamond simulants are made to be internally flawless, durable, and to last a lifetime of wear

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