Delicate Floriana; handcrafted bridal earrings made from soft flowering petals, and ethereal foliage are dusted with a soft array of budding swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls. To finish, sterling silver .925 posts with diamond simulants are added for the most sensitive of ears. Soft, romantic, and an ode to a garden of breathtaking beauty.

Earrings Measures approximately 2 inches x 1/2 inches

Item #E019 (G/S)
Wholesale $80 | $160 SRP*
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Floriana Earrings #E019 (G/S)

  • These beautiful sparkling stones are created under careful conditions in a lab to mimic the look, feel, and shine of a mined diamond - without the ethical cost. Lab diamond simulants are created in an environmentally friendly process, and offers a more affordable price point without diminishing the luxurious quality of the material. Our diamond simulants are made to be internally flawless, durable, and to last a lifetime of wear.