My Evanthe Collection, handcrafted out of beautiful 24k golden gilded leaves, budding fresh water pearls, and blossoming flowers which have been all enameled by hand with a soft satin pearl hue. Romantically alluring and poetic, she would be perfect for any bride who loves dreamy and soft silhouettes.

This light and airy flexible hairvine would be perfect for various bridal hairstyles - can be work headband style, straight across the top of the hair, side sweeping formed into an aysemetrical design, or across the back along long loose waves.

Attach to hair with little loops which can tuck invisibly into the hair with bobbypins or hairpins. 

Measures approx 8 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches

Item #H002 (G/S) | Wholesale $139.50 | $279 Suggested Retail Price

Evanthe Hairvine #H002 (G/S)