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Veil Guide: Blusher Wedding Veil FAQ’s

The inside scoop on this year’s hottest bridal accessory.

bride and groom under veil

Photo by Terrilynn Warren Photography | Heavenly Veil from Miss Foxine Couture

You’ve always dreamed of your ideal wedding dress, your silhouette as you walk down the aisle. But my favorite part – the bridal accessories is what completes the style. It’s like the salt and pepper of your final bridal look; it adds that luxurious touch of your own personality and style.

Throughout history from Queen Victoria to Ariana Grande, wedding veils have been truly an iconic staple as the bride makes their grand entrance down the aisle. With there being so may wedding veil styles like the ultra-popular long cathedral style, there is always the right one to fit your unique narrative.

celebrity wedding veil

Photo of Ariana Grande from Google | Picture of Queen Victoria from Wikimedia Commons

This year’s chic bridal veil trend, the blusher veil, adds an alluring ethereal mood to any bridal wardrobe. Looking to frame your face? Wanting to add a bit of mystery? Inspired to add some extra detail and embellishments? Excited to surprise your fiancée before you say I do? A blusher bridal veil could be the perfect modern addition to your wedding day.

bride under veil

Photo by Terrilynn Warren Photography | Heavenly Veil from Miss Foxine Couture

SAY HELLO TO THE EXPERT Theresa Capell is a jewelry and bridal accessories designer at Miss Foxine Couture, a bridal atelier in Halifax, NS, Canada.

handmade wedding veil

Photography Sinead Dubeau Photography | Veil by Miss Foxine Couture


- What is the difference between a veil and a veil with a blusher? The blusher is an additional layer of tulle or fabric that covers the face as you walk down the aisle. It also adds extra volume to the veil when flipped back off the face, creating a second layer to the veil portion. A veil without a blusher is just one single layer of tulle that drapes from a comb at varying lengths such as chapel or cathedral. - Is there different types of blusher styles? As you start shopping for veils, you’ll soon realize there is bouquet of unique styles to choose from. I find pinterest is a great place to start for ideas to narrow down your selection. As you familiarize yourself, you can start to figure out what length of veil and blusher you would like. A lot of veils can be modified, and custom made. Contact your favorite designer to ask if they offer that option – or your local bridal boutique can suggest designers that offer veils with the aspects you are looking for. It is important to try on different veil styles with your wedding dress of choice, so you get an idea of the final look.

- Why choose for a blusher veil? Blusher veils have a lovely layering effect to your final bridal look that can help create volume and elegant drama for outdoor photos if you are looking to have fun with the photographer! It is truly a timeless style, but also a personal decision. Brides also may opt for a blusher veil if they are looking for a little bit more tradition to be added to their wedding day. At the end of the aisle, it can be lifted by the person walking the bride down the aisle as a final sendoff, or by the fiancée as a surprise before the vows are exchanged.

Bridal Tip

The length of your veil and blusher should add to your final wedding look – not compete with it. Take a peek at where the blusher and veil hits, does it enhance your look? Would you like a veil with no details to let your modern look shine, or do you need a touch of sparkle? When trying on veils with your wedding dress, play close attention to how you feel and what your final look needs.

blusher wedding veil

Photo Jill Roberts Photography | Heavenly Veil from Miss Foxine Couture


Theresa Capell, artist and designer of Miss Foxine Couture received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Have any questions about bridal hairpieces or custom accessories ? Contact us, or browse our selection of bridal hairpieces here.

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