A Breif History: Vintage Engagement Rings

An engagement ring; a signifier of eternal love and commitment. More than just a piece of jewellery, it is an everyday heirloom which reminds you of your dearest love, and all the precious memories and moments you have shared over the years together. All the way dating back to ancient Rome, to todays millennials – we will go over some of the interesting facts about our much-treasured vintage engagement rings.

Photo by Terri-lynn Warren Photography | Engagement Rings from Miss Foxine Couture

In the Beginning; 1477 Some of the first antique engagement rings, or the rings used to affirm mutual love and commitment between two people dates back as far as 1477. Iron, bone, copper, ivory, and flint were some of the materials used. But the first diamond was seen in 1477 on Mary of Burgundy – bride of the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

Mary of Burgundy, and the first recorded diamond engagement ring