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5 Reasons to Love Vintage Engagement Rings

Looking for the perfect engagement ring, but not sure where to start? In this list, we will reveal to you the 5 reasons why a vintage engagement ring shouldn’t be left out of the decision process!

Photo by Terri-lynn Warren Photography | Engagement Rings from Miss Foxine Couture


1. Timeless Increasingly, brides have been choosing antique engagement rings to adorn their fingers over their modern sisters. “These rings are one-of-a-kind and long lasting in nature” describes Theresa Capell from Miss Foxine Couture, a bridal designer in Halifax, NS. “We are seeing more brides that want an engagement ring that stands the true test of being timeless, and is not something that everyone else has."

Photo by Terri-lynn Warren Photography | Abby Engagement Ring from Miss Foxine Couture


2. Rich History Although the exact generational and family history may be unknown with many vintage engagement rings, its historical value is still intrinsically present. “Many of the vintage engagement rings we carry date between the 1900’s – 1930’s. All the eras the ring has seen, and has lovingly been kept speaks to a whole lifetime of history and value” Capell expresses. “The time period in which the antique engagement ring was created is a whole narrative on its own; Victorian, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco – each ring is a historical tapestry of its own – abundantly unique, and can never be replaced. Present day brides have the opportunity to add their own story to that heirloom of love and legacy.”

Photo by Melissa Kew Photography | Fiona Engagement Ring from Miss Foxine Couture


3. Unlimited Choice

Do you have a specific style of vintage engagement ring in mind? If you are unsure where to start, don’t fret! If you have your eye on a more modern ring design, then you may come across it easier. But older Art Deco and Nouveau style engagement rings can be just as accessible. Capell explains “As long as you have a bit of patience, you can ensure the right vintage engagement ring will reveal itself to you. Take your time, and do your research on ring setting styles, precious metals, diamonds or alternative gemstones options, and different eras. Everyday there are more gorgeous antique rings coming to surface – and you want to make sure you allow enough space for the right one.”

Photo by Terri-lynn Warren Photography | Engagement Rings from Miss Foxine Couture


4. Flexible Budget “A good place to start is with a budget in mind” Capell begins to point out. “You can find just as many affordable vintage engagement rings as you can expensive ones. Prices can range from a couple hundred all the way up to a few thousand. It all boils down to the ring’s quality, rarity, historical nature, and where it is being sold. Another thing to keep in mind is that colored gemstones are becoming just as popular as diamonds for our newer generation of alternative brides. As the demand goes up, so can the prices."


5. Eco-friendly

As unfair human labour and mining becomes a more prevalent issue in relation to depleting our earths natural resources, more and more brides are looking towards vintage and antique engagement rings as a sustainable option for their forever heirloom. “We as a society are now seeing the consequences of high production jewelry – and this also includes the modern engagement ring. Brides are becoming more aware and are opting for greener choices when it comes to the perfect engagement ring; and many are choosing to go antique when they say I do. There is an abundance of beautifully unique vintage engagement rings out there; choices and styles are endless. As a conscious consumer, we are now seeing brides making the leap to help the planet in the process. Create a new story for yourself and the planet as you breathe life back into a once loved object; an heirloom to cherish for years to come,” Capell brings to light.

Photo by Melissa Kew Photography | Haven Engagement Ring from Miss Foxine Couture


Theresa Capell, artist and designer of Miss Foxine Couture received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Have any questions about vintage engagement rings? Contact us, or browse our selection of antique engagement rings here.

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