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10 Ways to Style a Bridal Hairpiece

You’ve found the perfect bridal hairpiece for your wedding day, but how should you style it? In this article I will go over 10 whimsical ways you can adorn your locks for when you go down the aisle.

1. Elegant and Lucious Highlight your romantic side with this loose and elegant bridal hairstyle. Twisting frames the silhouette of the head, and perched atop is a show-stopping hairpiece that captures the beauty of nature. Each vine is twisted to flow with the combined styling of the hair.

Photo by Shaeline Faith Photography | Evette Hairvine from Miss Foxine Couture | Hair Zipora Hunter


2. Sleek and Side Swept Want to wear your hair down with a touch of sparkle? One of the most popular options to adorn your hair on your wedding day is the comb. Versatile, you can place anywhere in the hair; add some light loose waves and secure it in with a bobby pin or two for an effortless look.

Photographer Erin Bulger Photography | Model: Real Bride Jess | Hairpiece Custom Made by Miss Foxine


3. Down and Delicate This option is best for the bride looking for a soft styled option that allows for movement and flow within the hair. A thin and delicate hairvine enhances and separates the hairs silhouette; helping the eye move from one design element to the other.

Photography Sherri Poirier Photography | Real Bride Maddie | Custom Hairvine by Miss Foxine


4. Wild Bun

Calling all brides looking for a cool girl style that still gives you all the queen vibes. Like a beauty of the wood, a messy bun topped with a half-crown styled hairpiece will have you looking fierce as you glide down the aisle.

Photo Mountain Primitive Photography | Hair Taylor Murphy | Anwen Crown by Miss Foxine Couture


5. Classic Angel Dreams of Juliet and times of past; a classic halo romantically sits on any adorning hairstyle for ease and beauty. A wispy low bun or loose wild waves – a circlet is the perfect way to add a touch of beauty to your bridal look.


6. The Goddess

Have you ever considered a hair chain or gypsy chain? This style of hairpiece is usually crafted by a decorative chain with two subtle or ornamental combs at each end; resulting in a gorgeous piece that embodies movement and allure. This type of design pairs well loose waves or a down style – where the combs can attach just by the ear and the chain can hang freely at center back.

Photo by Leslie Estelle Photography | Model: Real Bride Mandy | Livia Hairpiece Miss Foxine Couture


7. Bold and Beautiful

Going for a striking look? Soften up a strong bang game and dark locks with a gorgeous headband. Headbands are versatile and work with any bridal hairstyle since they sit upon the head with ease. With an abundant array of designs, silhouettes, and shapes – you’ll surely find the perfect one to say “ido” to!


8. Asymmetrical Beauty

Live in a romantic fairytale with this half up-half down Jane Austin inspired style. Featuring a whimsically placed hairvine full of budding pearls, leaves, and florals – it adds a touch of curiosity and dimension to the overall bridal hairstyle.

Photo by Jill Roberts Photography | Meadow Hairvine Miss Foxine Couture


9. Fierce and Free

Vibes of wild love and free running fields – a hairpin is the perfect choice for the bride looking to have a little fun with her look. Messy pinned up braids and whisps of hair are festooned with playfully placed hairpins. To tie the entire look together, matching statement earrings with budding pearls are worn to tie the entire look together.


10. Budding Topknot

Traditional made ethereal by taking the classic topknot and refining this hairstyle into bridal by gracefully twisting the hair into a sleek “messy” bun. Elevating this look is a crown-like vine of baby’s breath inspired pearls and sparkling crystals – creating delightful wedding look.

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash top knot

What is your favorite Bridal Hairstyle? We would love to hear from you!


Theresa Capell, artist and designer of Miss Foxine Couture received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Have any questions about bridal hairpieces or custom accessories ? Contact us, or browse our selection of bridal hairpieces here.

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