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Bespoke Bridal

Capture all that is feminine and unique within you...

For the bride on the pursuit of love, luxury, and a one-of-a-kind designs. Using an artisan approach, let Miss Foxine create a meaningful bridal accessory or wedding veil that echoes your own individuality and personal love story – custom made exclusively for you.

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Is a bespoke design right for you

You’re not cookie cutter, so why should your wedding day be? Finding the perfect bridal piece can be difficult, so why not let us guide you. Miss Foxine believes that your wedding day is one of the most important memories of your life, so why not have a handcrafted heirloom that reflects who you are. Each bridal accessory or wedding veil is handcrafted with a passionate eye for detail, a heart for sustainability, and a soul for artisanal creation. We are returning you to an old form of luxury where fine materials are given a new breath of life through every design – each and every handmade element is unique to your own customization and style.

A bespoke piece is a treasure that every time unboxed will mirror back all the smiles, tears, and heartfelt kisses shared on this very special day for many years to come. Each time held will have you falling in love all over again!

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Wedding Hair Style

Step One

We start the custom bespoke process by discussing the theme for your wedding day, the bridal style you are going for, and what type of bridal accessory or wedding veil you have in mind. We thoroughly go through any images or important elements that are helpful for me to reference during your custom design process. We look for images that communicate your wedding day. Pictures of wedding gowns, bridal accessories, or wedding veils you are inspired by. Pictures of your hairstyle. Where will your wedding be? Color palettes if you so choose to infuse color in your design. Or are you more romantically traditional for neutrals, or are you sentimental for a pop of color? What materials do you like or dislike? Metal tones. Pearls. Florals. Foliage. Lace.

Each custom design has a required deposit before the design process begins. Each custom design ranges in price because of their unique difficulty, and the deposit will be determined upon the type of piece you inquire. We can work within a set budget if provided by a bride, and we also offer flexible payment options, plans, and afterpay.

Step Two

Once all design elements are established and deposit accepted, Theresa will begin your design process for your custom bridal accessory or wedding veil. She will carefully sketch and bring to life your vision to life – referencing materials  that you love and that would pair well with your unique design. If needed, she will also provide any imagery or mock-ups so you can better visualize how each design element will poetically mingle with one another. Throughout this process, you will have every opportunity to comment about the design elements you love or those that you would like changed. Theresa wants you to fall in love with your unique bridal piece, and offers a warm and welcoming process to ensure all your needs and desires are met.

Step Three

Upon bride’s approval of materials, color, and silhouette, Theresa will begin bringing your custom bespoke design to life. You will receive updates on the progression of your piece, along with any supporting photos so you can visualize your creation taking on its journey to final form. We want to ensure you love the piece that see, and during this time modest design changes, alterations, and additions can be made depending on the allowance of the individual piece.

Lead times for custom bridal accessories and veils are typically 1 – 3 months depending on design and if special order materials are needed. A confirmation of estimated time will be given prior to creating your design. Rush orders are always welcome if there is availability in our production calendar. A rush fee will be required, and is available upon request.

Step Four

Once Theresa has meticulously completed your custom bridal design, she will go over every seam or handcrafted element to ensure your design is perfectly created before it leaves our studio and into the hands of its new owner. We will send you detailed photos so that you can give your final approval. It is important to us that you are as excited about your custom bridal design as you are about your special wedding day!

If you are local, a final fitting with your bridal hairpiece or custom wedding veil is available, to ensure you love what you see in the mirror in front of you! If you are further away, Theresa will send you detailed photos from every angle to ensure you love every element and the way it flows off the mannequin.

Once given approval, all final balances are due. Your lovely design will be wrapped with our special packaging and keepsake boxes and bags with the most care. We want to ensure the safety of your heirlooms for years to come.

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Are You Ready to Create the Design of your Dreams?

If you are ready to secure your spot with us to create your dream design right away, you can checkout with your deposit here, and we will contact you within 24 hours to get started!

If you would like more information, please fill out the form below and include as much detail as possible. Include all inspiration photos that are important for you to convey your ideas and style, and write as thoroughly as possible to ensure prompt and smooth communication. All this information will also be collected from you if you choose to check out above with your deposit, within 24 hours of payment. We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your custom design!

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